I visited the Hope Centre in the capital city Freetown. The centre caters for children living with HIV/AIDS . Happy Kids & Adolescents is a charity actively working in the centre . HIV/AIDS infection is serious. But thanks to better treatments, people with HIV/AIDS are now living longer, and have a better quality of life. This is not the case in Sierra Leone. Mortality rate form HIV related illness is still high.

HIV patients at the centre gave first hand information of the issues they faced; they do not have access to the drugs, worse still is the stigma surrounding HIV/Aids. My Office will be a voice for these beautiful children. My team will discuss with relevant govt ministries and NGO’s, once a comprehensive report has been submitted, a workable action plan will be implemented to make our children living with this deadly disease, live a more fulfilling life.

H. E. Fatima Maada Bio
First Lady of the The Republic of Sierra Leone

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