His Excellency the President Dr. Julius Maada Bio and First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio on March 30 2023, witnessed the payment of Le20 billion Community Development Agreement (CDA) fund to mining communities of Dansogoia, Sambaia and Simiria Chiefdoms in Tonkolili District.

The payment was done by Kingho Mining Company, a subsidiary of Leone Rock Metal Group.

“I’m here for a short ceremony for the company called Kingho Mining, a subsidiary of Leone Rock Metal Group. As a government we have made certain laws that have enabled you to receive more money than ever before in the history of this country,” the President said. 

He went on to say that during the reign of the past administration, whom he said were greedy to the people of Tonkolili, the SLPP as the current government is not greedy and is making them happy.

“It is only the SLPP that gives out and makes you happy. We are the SLPP and we care about the people. We are a one family party and Tonkolili is part of this family,” the President informed his audience.

The First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr Fatima Maada Bio said Tonkolili District matters to them as the First Family, hence the reason they were in Tonkolili District to grace the Leone Metal Group auspicious event.

The Chief Executive Officer of Leone Rock, Gilbert Zhao said the community development fund for the first time is going directly to the communities in Tonkolili. 

“But this is just for the first year. We are not only making history but we are breaking all the records in the country,” he noted.

The CEO Leone Rock Metal Group revealed that the company held the ceremony on its Tonkolili Phase 2 processing plant site in two years, adding that they achieved in two years what a mega company couldn’t do in ten years.

“We are here today to commission this achievement as Leone Rock Metal Group is on the path to driving the agenda to modernize Tonkolili District,” he said.

On his part, Paramount Chief Musa Jalloh Sambaia said the company is humane, and that they listen to their cries and honour the concerns of the community anytime.

“So therefore, for us in Sambaia, there was one thing affecting us which was we were underrated. The Sambaia people told me to extend greetings to you His Excellency. They were only giving us 25% of surface rent. During the last regime, Sambaia’s children left Bendugu to fend for themselves in Magburaka and Makeni, but under the regime of Julius Maada Bio, by God’s grace we have a WASSCE centre through the blessings of the Minister,” he said.

The PC went on to express his thanks and appreciation on behalf of his people to the President and called for his help to make the Sambaia Bendugu road which he referred to as “very rugged”.

Strategic Communications Division 

Office of The First Lady.


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