National Tree Planting Exercise


The Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, has always followed the protocol of the annual tree planting exercise. This year, the exercise took a turn for the better. With a new lease of life and genuine spring in the step of the ministry, the tree planting process will be carried out for a month.

The ministry is very focused, and have a nationwide programme that is achievable. Based on advice from the President, they are also planting commercial trees.

This yearsโ€™ tree planting exercise goes beyond combating deforestation and desertification, it is a sign of a new beginning, a sign of new life.
The flash floods and mud-slide last year was a strong indication, that the Tree planting exercise over the decade was purely ceremonial and inevitably grossly ineffective.

The disaster last year, was a wake up call and it shows the importance of respecting and taking care of our eco-system. As our President kicked off the tree planting exercise by planting a tree, our First lady also planted a tree , our Vice President other dignitaries present took their turn in the Tree Planting exercise.

Our First Lady dedicates her tree to the people of Sierra Leone, and she looks forward to a green Sierra Leone, and a future that is bright.



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