JMB women (Julius Maada Bio Womens Wing) came together to ensure Sierra Leone was governed properly to reach itโ€™s full potential for the benefit of the people. JMBWW chose to support President Bio, because he sold his vision to them, and they believed he is destined to lead Sierra Leone to become the proverbial promised land.

JMB Womens Wing, sacrificed time and money to ensure President Bio was the next leader. They had unflinching faith, and a rugged determination to do whatever was required to bring positive change to Sierra Leone. With a combination of campaigning on ground, supporting financially and multi faith prayers, Rt. Brig. General Julius Maada Bio won the presidential election and was declared President of Sierra Leone.

20th April 2019, JMB Womens Wing UK & Ireland came together in the UK to celebrate the First Year of the New Direction under the leadership of President Bio. It is no secret that the JMBWW were one of the biggest financial contributors to the campaign of their President.

As Sierra Leone is ushered into a new dawn of positive change, Fist Lady in her statement said it is time for loyalty to the Green, White and Blue flag. It is time to rise above partisan politics and put Sierra Leone first. President Bio has the people of Sierra Leone at heart, and we pray and support his vision for great Sierra Leone.

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Office of The First Lady
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