First Lady to School Children: “Prioritize Education, Leave Politics for Politicians”

Sierra Leone’s global icon and First Lady of the Republic H.E. Dr. Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio has advised school children to leave Politics to the Politicians and instead focus on making their Education a priority. She was speaking on April 1st 2023 in Pujehun District where she had accompanied her husband as he visited that southern district.

The First Lady affirmed that she has never talked about politics to pupils because their place is in the school class rooms and not amongst politicians.

“Leave the politicians to practice their politics as it is their profession. But you must focus on your education and study hard so that one day, if that is your choice as an adult, you can become a well educated mega-politician,” she admonished the pupils. 

H.E. Mrs. Maada Bio recalled of how Pujehun District prior to the ascendancy of her husband, used to lag behind in terms of education; as year in and year out, Pujehun pupils used to fail to acquire the requirements for university enrollment. She said as a result, Pujehun suffered from lack of educated cadre of upcoming youths.

H.E. Mrs. Maada Bio lamented that Early Marriage, Teenage Pregnancy and Dropping Out of School for various reasons became almost the normal trend for many Pujehun girls.

First Lady Maada Bio proudly went on to say that since her husband introduced the Free Quality School Education alongside his Hands Off Our Girls campaign that she was asked to champion, there have been massive and measurable improvements in the story of the Pujehun Child especially the Girl Child.

Dr. Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio affirmed that enrollment and retention of Pujehun Girls in schools and their subsequent improved academic performance was exponential.

Dr. Fatima Maada Bio, revealed that for the very first time in the entire history of Pujehun District, 412 (four hundred and twelve) school pupils acquired full requirements to enter university whilst more than 600 pupils who had 4 WASSCE credits have been successfully admitted into Technical and Vocational (TEC-VOC) institutions. 

She maintained that her husband’s implementation of various “Prioritize Education” projects such as campaigning for children to “Leave Politics for Politicians”, has been successful.

Her Excellency the First Lady, inspired the pupils of Pujehun District that their future is going to be very bright because of the encouragement they are getting from the Government in the form of so many initiatives including the Free School Feeding program in neediest parts of the country.

She admonished the pupils to do all they can to compete with girls in other regions and districts educationally, so as to make their Pujehun people proud. 

“Education is the best gift you can receive from your parents and that is what the President has given to you and all other children across the country. Education is the key that will unlock all doors that stand in your way. With education, you can be the next President Bio from Pujehun,” she said.

Her Excellency used the presidential tour as an opportunity to also reach out to parents, guardians, and relatives with her message that the FQSE has been exceptional since its inception. She said pupils now focus on their education and see all reason to stay in school because of the Vision that her husband has for the Children of Sierra Leone.

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Office of The First Lady.

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