Her Excellency Fatima Maada Bio in January 2022 has been appointed as a member of the WHF Leadership Council . The World Humanitarian Forum (WHF) is one of the largest and most inclusive non-partisan forum in humanitarian aid and international development.

In a statement Feraye Ozfescioglu ยท Chief Executive Officer at World Humanitarian Forum said

” I am delighted to get your acceptance and it is a true pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Leadership Council of the World Humanitarian Forum. On behalf of the entire team of the World Humanitarian Forum, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your support to our mission and vision.

Your leadership and commitment are widely acknowledged and we know that the World Humanitarian Forum will greatly benefit from your experience and contributions.

We look forward to join forces together to shape the future for a better tomorrow.โ€

First Lady passionately believes in President Maada Bio’s approach to development. Sierra Leone cannot develop in isolation, but must do so in partnership and collaboration with other countries and international organisations, by being a participant contributor in creating sustainable development.

Known for her practical approach to development, First Lady believes as we pursue domestic solutions in our different communities, we also must have a parallel global solution. The coming together of great minds in the WHF Leadership council has it’s challenges, but because we have our set goal of developing a better future for our children, we will always arrive at a practical / implementable solution.

First Lady makes it clear that these are trying times, and it is very important we come together with no one left behind to structure a way forward.

“As a mother I want want is best for the future of our children, and working together we can improve the lives of our women and children in this present global pandemic.”

Amongst other things the WHF will be looking at:

Explore ways in which UN agencies, government and non-governmental organisations can collaborate to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Strengthen the public-private dialogue by highlighting successful partnerships between Governments, U.N. and civil society.

Supporting companies in making new commitments to create cross-sector solutions for social change.

Find solutions and develop partnerships to engage with the UN SDGs.

Explore ways how to build forward better in the new definitions of humanitarianism.


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