Fatima Maada Bio

Her Excellency  Fatima Maada Bio was born 27th November 1980  to a Sierra Leonean mother, Tidankay Jabbie and a Gambia father, Umar Jabbie. The First Lady was born in Kono district, Eastern
Sierra Leone where her mother hailed and father settled as a businessman. Mrs Fatima Maada Bio grew up in Kono and attended the Ansarul Islamic school before she completed her secondary education at the St Joseph Convent Secondary School in Freetown. 

Mrs Fatima Maada-Bio later traveled to London where she pursued a Bachelor degrees of Arts with Honors in Performing Art from the Roehampton Institute in London and Bachelor of Arts with honors in Journalism at the University of the Arts, London College of Communication. 

The First Lady’s degree in Performing Arts propelled her to start a very successful career in the African Film Industry in London and stardom as one of the elegant Nollywood Actresses, scriptwriter and executive producer. Mrs Fatima Bio wrote and produced the movie, “Battered”, which put her on the limelight in the movie industry. Furthermore, Mrs Bio has received several awards in including; 

  1. She was honoured as one of the most influential people of African descent under 40 in New York, United States, Wednesday 3rd October 2018. The Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) identifies high achievers of African descent in public and private sectors from all around the world as a progressive network of relevant actors to join together in the spirit of recognition, justice and development of Africa.
  2. Miss Africa in 2000
  3. “Best Supporting Actress” for the movie
    Mirror Boy
  4. In 2011 “Best Actress Award” from the Black Ethnics, Fashion
    and Film Industry in the UK.
  5. In September 2013, Mrs Fatima Jabbe-Bio was voted the
    best female actress at the African Oscars in Washington DC, from a list of 32 nominees in Africa People’s Choice Best Actress category.
  6. Pan-African “Woman of the Year Award” awarded by All African Media based in Ghana. 
  7. Prestigious Gweses First Lady Honorary Award at the Global Women Economic & Social Empowerment Summit. According to Dr (Mrs) Bola Olabisi FRSA, the award is in recognition of our First Lady’s outstanding achievements that impact the socio-economic development and empowerment of women.

Beside her battery of laurels, First Lady Fatima Bio won the Gathering of African Best (GAB) Awards for her exceptional contribution to promoting a positive image of Africans around the world. This is important because her determination to build and motivate in every area goes beyond the shores of Sierra Leone. 

Mrs Fatima Bio, the multiple award winners, is a pioneer of the President’s vision of unity, patriotism and hard work to build Sierra Leone for it to be one of the greatest nations in African with positive lives of its citizens. 

In 2018  at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, The conference “Girls with no name” is an unapologetic look on the issue of child prostitution in West Africa, using Sierra Leone as a case study.


Mrs Bio delivered a speech at the conference in tagged “Girls with no name”. It was hosted by the United nations at their headquarters in Geneva Switzerland. Mrs Bio  did not mince words and spoke objectively  and gave an unapologetic insight on the issue of child prostitution in West Africa. She said sometimes these kids provide for their families through prostitution. This is absolutely not the responsibility of a child, but it is a social reality we face today.

Her prowess and strategy was noticed by the nation during the 2018 elections in Sierra leone. She took a pro-active role. She was able to broker peace easily amongst warring parties. Her down-to-earth communication skills was not only due to her formal education, but also he affinity with the grassroots. 

At the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in London , the Queen of England was excited to meet with Africa’s newest first Lady. The Queen was impressed with her tenacity in helping to change the perception of the role of women in politics. 

In the West Africa sub-region, Mrs Bio is building personal relations with other First Lady’s. She has a unique ability to make people buy into her vision. This is straitened by the fact that she leads by example.

The First Lady has been working tirelessly to put Sierra Leone on the map and also bring out the potential of its citizens. Mrs Fatima Bio loves children and has been working on realistic short and long term goals that are impacting on the well- being of children across the world. She passionately promotes women rights and equality thus fondly refers to the women of Sierra Leone as “Women of Substance”. 

In line with the government’s vision, First Lady, Mrs Bio believes education is key. Her philanthropic character is inborn and she is a fantastic role model that leads by example. Her greatest strength is her ability to achieve any goal she sets. Some say it is divine, but people close to her will say it is pure, undiluted hard work, others still will say it is a combination of both divine intervention and hard work.