On Monday 30 August 2021, First Lady fulfilled the dream of Ymmaduni Aisling Chalobah, the young girl that scored the highest point in the National Primary School Examination in Sierra Leone, who had only one wish, which was to see her Excellency, as she believed she got good grades because of her passion for girls and her strides to keep them in school and positively inspired.

As First Lady welcomed the family to her office, she registered her unreserved excitement to have the young girl around, as she confessed that her tenacity and articulation caught her attention through the television, during her interview with AYV television, and that she is even more proud to have inspired her to reach for great heights.

Aisling in a soothing conversation with Madam First Lady expressed her wish of becoming a medical doctor and a First Lady in the future, due to her observation of the mother of the nation’s indelible footprints in caring for others and impacting lives.

Her Excellency admonished her to pay great attention in school and focus on the bigger goal which is her future and what she aims to achieve in life, while mentioning about her work to protect the girl child and give them equal opportunities to stay in school and be educated.

The lovey dovey company went on, as Aisling shared some of her favorite memories and favorite parents talk with Madam First Lady, while she got a handful of surprised gifts from her favorite trailblazer, whom she draws her inspiration from as an achiever in life.

First Lady summarized by encouraging the parents to continue to protect, provide and encourage Aisling, as she has a bright future and is very smart and articulate, which gives her more edge in her academics, while thanking them for doing an amazing job as parents.

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