The First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Her Excellency, Madam Fatima Maada Bio has opened the newly constructed mosque and Quranic School in Segbwema. According to residence of the District headquarter town, the construction was done through the request and lobbying of the First Lady to the Direct Aid and Ummah Welfare Trust, respectively.

Handing over the mosque and school to the people of segbwema, Her Excellency expressed her excitement to actualizing the dream of her uncle and following the footsteps of her ancestors who built mosques during their time and noted that the mosques will provide a suitable space for the people to practice their faith, forgoing excuses of absent of mosques to pray their five daily prayers.

Madam Fatima applauded the people of Sierra Leone for continued religious tolerance, adding that it is the tolerance that has kept the people together in peace and love for the longest time.

“Islam is about peace and love, I want to encourage religious leaders to continue spreading the message that will promote unity and peace in Sierra Leone, and to help in the development of the nation.” The First Lady said. She added that it was an honor to witness the official opening of the mosques to the public, and that it was a huge blessing for her to commission the edifice, which is a place to praise Allah.

She said her office will continue to partner with the agencies for the construction of many more mosques around the country.Honorable Bernadette Wuyata Songa heaped praised on the First Lady for actualizing the dream of her Father, who whiles alive wanted to have a Mosque, Quranic school and health center, but through her intervention the wishes had been made a reality.

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