On Tuesday 31st August 2021, Her Excellency, Madam Fatima Maada Bio made a clarion call for unity in constituency 110, Ogoo Farm and its Godriech environ, during the commissioning of the 4 community projects she promised alongside Josephine Jackson, during the last parliamentary election campaign.

First Lady called on Sierra Leoneans to put aside mere colors and support development which is a key pillar in any community, while she reiterated, every area in Sierra Leone irrespective of party affiliation is Sierra Leone owned and deserves to be used by its citizens.

She admonished the community people to engage in civil political arguments, discussing mile stones and manifesto achievements and not involve in violence and the destruction of community properties constructed to serve the people in the community.

As a First Lady that is keen about hygiene by ensuring it is prioritize and appointed as a champion for sanitation by the African Union, she ensured a VIP toilet facility was installed at the school.

Madam First Lady thanked the commissioner of NACSA for continuing from where her predecessor stopped with the project, as she wasn’t expecting such a huge community center.

Mrs. Maada Bio promised to fulfill all the other projects that have been brought to her attention through Josephine Jackson for the community.

First Lady furthered, the Funkia road has always been on the diary of the President Bio and as they have started the work, they shall complete it before they see His Excellency again, as when President Julius Maada Bio talks something, he sees that it is materialized.

Chairman Constituency 130, gave a brief history of the development strides in the community before the intervention of the First Lady and Josephine Jackson. He commented on the position and role of women now in the community due to the hard work and stance of the First Lady in the country, which is quite appreciable and strides worth emulating.

Community Leader Mustapha Papa Kamara confirmed, that the community is a mixture of all political sympathizers and fanatics, which makes them unique, expressing his respect for Josephine Jackson, who though did not win the parliamentary election, worked with her Excellency to fulfill the promises they made during the campaign period.

The Principal of the Milton Margai College, Dr. Phillip Kanu acknowledged the role of the First Lady in standing up for girls and giving them a platform to use and make their voice louder, hence a visionary woman who prioritizes quality and equal access to education for girls.

The Head Teacher R.C Primary school, Ogoo farm, excitingly appreciated the First Lady and team for rehabilitating and transforming the school, as for over 15 years they have been teaching in a deplorable learning environment, but now they can boast of a modernize and conducive learning space and VIP toilet facility, as they presented a warm token of appreciation to Her Excellency on behalf the staff and pupil of the school.

According to the lead pioneer behind the rehabilitation and building projects, Madam Josephine Jackson explained the role of President Bio and First Lady in achieving the dreams of the people in constituency 110 Godriech, Ogoo Farm community, which is entirely devoid of any political undertone.

She introduced the other backbones behind most of the development projects that have been materialized in the community, and announced the managerial staff of the community center\Hall.

Program Manager, community driven development Programme, Patrick Lebbie, stated in clear terms that the different projects are 100 percent government owned through NACSA, highlighting the different construction companies that were the contractors for the projects.

The commissioner of NACSA, Dr Sao- Kpato Hannah Isata Max-Kyne, expounded to the community people that NACSA is not an NGO, as people are made to believe, but a Government Institution and works as a National Program.

She explained her encounter with the His Excellency after her appointment narrating how he specifically instructed her to highly consider those areas that didn’t vote for him, as they are also Sierra Leoneans irrespective of their political affiliation deserves to be cared for and their communities developed, while carefully articulating the work of their entity. 

She thanked the community people on behalf of the government, as their office work for all Sierra Leoneans and not a set of people or political loyalists.

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